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Your Soul Realignment ® Reading

I aim to serve by offering insight and inspiration to others on their journeys of self-discovery. I've finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it.  I founded Soul-level Holistic Healing with a mission to help others discover who they truly are at Soul-level, so that they may use this knowledge to empower themselves and illuminate their paths to more abundant, fulfilling lives. 

I discover who you are at Soul-level by reading your Akashic Records - it is here that I access the origins of your Soul and its human experiences.  This helps you to understand the balance of choice and consequence in your current experience by providing insight as to why you choose certain situations or relationships over and over again.  Clearing the energy around these patterns of choice that often have persisted for many lifetimes will enable you to more clearly discern your Soul's positive path; allowing you to realign with your true Self through positive choices - congruent with your Soul's energy and Divine gifts.  This also empowers you to mindfully un-choose experiences or relationships that no longer serve you.  Once you understand the fullness of who you truly are - you will recognize that you are free to fully create your abundant experience in this life.  Let's get started!

The only information I need from you is: your full name now and at birth (if different); your date of birth (month, day, and year); and your place of birth (city & state or city, providence, and/or country - if born outside of the U.S.).

You can email this information directly to me from the main page - once I receive your e-mail - you will receive a link to pay online & complete your booking.