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Welcome to Soul-level Holistic Healing - I am a Certified Soul Realignment ® Practitioner located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.  I am ready to assist you in aligning with your highest purpose and greatest good.  Discover who you truly are at Soul-level, and clear your path to a more abundant life.

The only information I need from you is: your full name now and at birth (if different); your date of birth (month, day, and year); and your place of birth (city & state or city, providence, and/or country - if born outside of the U.S.).


Clear Your Property of Dissonant Energies

Thrive in Your Space

We gravitate toward properties that match who we are energetically.  Sometimes as we change or evolve, our vibrational frequencies can become incongruent with that of our property's.  This can sometimes happen after a Soul Realignment ® Session.  A property clearing clears these discordant or misaligned energies allowing the energy of your home or personal space to better align with your highest purpose and greatest good.



Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas

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